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CUSTOM Birch log - merino Signature art yarn

Made to Order

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  • Birch log   Signature art yarn
  • merino wool tencel curly locks
  • my signature spin featuring contrasting textures and muted and complex fall colors
  • use it in knitting or weaving



This Signature art yarn is made to order in the colors shown on the photo

to order custom colors please view my custom colors listing

 Select how many 100 grams skeins you want

in the  note box you can write recommendations or special requests like « can you make it darker » or « can you add Pink (or any color) »

*This yarn is custom made*
*Allow 30 days for production *

Merino silk tencel curly locks

Ideal for weaving, felting, can also be used in knitting and crochet

*custom yarns are excluded from promo codes but you can use your store credit if you have one

  Please keep in mind that you need to have a certain amount of tolerance for what you have in mind and what I will create with the information you give me. Same for duplicates of previous colors I made, I am a human and there will be a difference between the original and yours. Also note that the locks add-on means locks IN the yarn not a bundle that comes separately.