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Order less than 75$: 9$
Order more than 75$: free

Order less than 100$: 9$ (6.50$US)
Order more than 100$: free

Rest of the world

For a best shopping experience all international orders (outside Canada and USA) will have a tracking number. That is why the shipping has increased.


0-250g 30$

250-500g 42$

500g-1kg 56$

1kg-1.5g 66$

1.5g-2kg 74$

Australia New Zealand
0-250g 34$

250g-500g 47$

500g-1kg 63$

1kg-1.5g 73$

1.5g-2kg 81


Shipping time

Within Quebec: 1-2 days

Within Canada: 4-7 days

Usa: 5-10 days sometimes longer

Europe: 1 week

Australia New Zealand: 1 week


I ship once or twice a week currently - April 2019

I live in a remote area, and I group orders once or twice a week before driving to the post office.