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The Wool and fibres

Yes I do sell hand spun yarns. It happens that I'm Sold Out, but I'm doing efforts to add new yarns each week. I'm inviting you to follow my social medias to see whats coming, and to subscribe my newsletter (and to check the website frequently).

I dont use merino wool, Im trying to revalorise all the others breeds of sheeps less known or neglected.
I also use alpaca since I'm living close to a big farm.
I also work with eco wool, which means cruelty free and without harsh chemical and mecanical treatment

Message is sent via Chat or Messenger channel depending how customer have reached you

Of course! If you don't find what you are looking for on my website please message me, I have plenty of dyed wool for your felting and spinning projects.

I understand...LoL you may not need something to keep you warm, but you love the designs...I do make lighter shawls and beanies that you could wear of colder days.

I'm working almost exclusively with wool because I love it profundly, and I consider there's nothing better than the natural warmth of wool. Nothing is perfect, you may find wool itch. If its generally your situation, then it may be preferable to search for an alternate solution.

Wool fibre softness is due to the the micron size of the hair. The lower the micron is, the finer is the wool and less itchy will it be. Cashemere, bunny angora and some alpaca could be as low as 16 microns. I'm a fan of more bouncy and rustic fibres. I dye them and transform into wearable art pieces and try to bring some joy to the world.

Not for the moment.

No, for the moment the art yarns I'm spinning are not suited for making cakes. Yardage is pretty short, most of my yarns are between 12 y and 45 y per 100g, it is transformed into a yarn ball pretty quickly. My hand spun yarn skeins are delivered as twisted skeins.


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If your order has a tracking number, you will get the link to your shipping confirmation email. You can also check the status of your order by login into your account on the website.

If your order tracking shows "no information available", it may be too soon to see the information after the shipment or its because there's no tracking.

I never had a lost package in 10 years of online business for the following coutries: Canada, USA, France, UK, Germany, Switzerland. I had a few claims for Australia and New Zealand due the long shipping delay (3 months). I now included tracking for all international orders outside America.

If your package is lost, I will try to send you a replacement. If its not possible, I will refund you. Please note it takes a few days for refunds to appear on your credit card statement.

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All prices are in canadian dollars CAD.
The website  display CAD $ currency. To display your currency,  go to the menu, at the bottom there's an option to choose manually your currency. On a desktop the option is at the top right of the screen.

I do my best to translate everything in english and french, so this website is bilingual. You can select your langage preference into the top bar menu.

Wholesale and boutiques

I wish? if you own a yarn store, I would be glad to work something with you. 

Custom orders

Unfortunatly I no longer accept any kind of custom orders. If you need a particular yarn style/color, you can message me and I may include something in my next yarn update, no string attached.

Its Sold Out !

Its impossible for me to duplicate my pieces due the process, but I do make similar pieces, especially if the item is freshly made and sold quick, I may have the same fibre colors and yarns. If you wait too long to message me it will be much more difficult.


Unfortunatly I no longer hold or reserve items. For yarns, since most of you want to order enough to get free shipping, I suggest you to order the skeins you love, message me that you would like to wait a week to see if you find others yarns you like in my next update, and if you qualifie for free shipping with your second order I will refund shipping. I do that ALL the time. 

Please be aware that adding an item in your cart doesn't prevent others to buy it.