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None of my products have been handled by the public. All shows have been cancelled or postponed. The only person handling products is me. I am healthy, I have not been in contact with any travelers. We live isolated in rural area. Kids are homeschooled. You could always wash them, if you need help message me

Do you still ship? yes, nothing change Postes Canada deliever packages and apply safety measures 

In this time of crisis, I have lowered the shipping for orders under 100$ to 5$ instead of 9$. There is various promotion ongoing, message me if you are not sure. I have also reactivated Sezzle payment plans, which allows you to pay in 4 equal payments. 

Due to incertainty of times, I can't plan anymore shop update. Please check the website often, follow social medias. Thank you for your support.


Yes! every time I get an order on my website, it sends you a confirmation order. If you paid with paypal, you will also receive an email from them, and probably a notification if you have their app on your phone. If you have not received an email, there is good chances it ended up in your spam of junk email folder. Please check again and search for Mynoush. It is extremely rare an order did not went trough, mostly it will happen if someone else tries to buy the same thing than you. In this case, you will not get any email, and your screen will show you an error message. I also receive an email from shopify ( they host my website), another from paypal if this was your payment method, as well as a notification from shopify and paypal (again if this is your payment method). I CAN'T miss an order. In any case, even if emails are slow and notifications are bugged, I will see it on my website dashboard.

That is because it is not shipped yet. In my area and especially since covid19, I don't get packages pick up. It means I have to go myself at the nearest town to post packages. I usually do that 1-2 a week. If you are in a hurry, please call me 418-334-5527. I could arrange a delivery with fedex if you are within Quebec.

Please be patient, since covid19 postes Canada is still dealing with delays due to the amount of packages they received. There is no longer a garanty on their delays whatever the service I use. If you are in a hurry please call me 418-334-5527 I could send it with fedex if you are located within Quebec province. July update: some packages are delivered in normal delays, some take longer.

Payment plan

I now offer Sezzle as form of payment plan. It will split your purchase in 4 payments due every 2 weeks. You will see this payment option at checkout, just follow the instructions for approval. Canada and USA residents.


Unfortunatly I no longer hold or reserve items, no exceptions. For yarns, since most of you want to order enough to get free shipping, I suggest you to order the skeins you love, message me that you would like to wait a week to see if you find others yarns you like in my next update, and if you qualifie for free shipping with your second order I will refund shipping. I do that ALL the time. 

Please be aware that adding an item in your cart doesn't prevent others to buy it. 

Custom orders

Yes I do. Covid made us adapt this very peculiar  times. There is a section in my store dedicated to custom orders.

Its Sold Out !

Because the demand is higher than what I can do. I now update the shop once a week, day and hour is announced on my website.

Be on my website at the time of the shop update, reload the page frequently, use the best internet connection you can get. Create an account including your payment info. Be logged in your account before the update become live.

I am sorry, once the update is live first come is first served. All yarns may be sold out in a matter of minutes. You can get an early access if you are a patreon member of the 8$ tiers.

No. Its impossible for me to duplicate my pieces and yarns due to the process, but I do make similar pieces and yarns.


The Wool and fibres

Yes I do sell hand spun yarns. It happens that I'm Sold Out, but I'm doing efforts to add new yarns each week. I'm inviting you to follow my social medias to see whats coming, and to subscribe my newsletter (and to check the website frequently).

I use a variety of wool breeds from 21-30 microns.
I also use alpaca since I'm living close to a big farm.

When I started my fibre art journey, my philosophy was to use that wool that some farms put into the garbage because no one use it, and to help support small farms pursuing to breed fibre sheeps and animals. Those days the wool industry is not what it was in the 70s and before. I still think the same. So most of my wool comes from small farms around the world. I do my best here. Sometimes its true I can't be at the farm to check up on animals. But my intentions are good. I prefer to gently wash the fibre at home, and dye it myself, and card it. Just to let you know that I do, as many others, help support people who work very hard to keep those animals, with countless sleepless nights for babies, and very few occasions to take a break to go somewhere else to refresh.

Then, I live at 10 minutes from a alpaca farm, where I take this fibre. They are vegetarians, and take often farm animals on shelter, to love and care for them until the end. 

Of course! If you don't find what you are looking for on my website please message me, I have plenty of dyed wool for your felting and spinning projects.

I understand...LoL you may not need something to keep you warm, but you love the designs...I do make lighter shawls and beanies that you could wear of colder days..

I'm working almost exclusively with wool because I love it profundly, and I consider there's nothing better than the natural warmth of wool. Nothing is perfect, you may find wool itch. If its generally your situation, then it may be preferable to search for an alternate solution.

Wool fibre softness is due to the the micron size of the hair. The lower the micron is, the finer is the wool and less itchy will it be. Cashemere, bunny angora and some alpaca could be as low as 16 microns. I'm a fan of more bouncy and rustic fibres. I dye them and transform into wearable art pieces and try to bring some joy to the world.


No, for the moment the art yarns I'm spinning are not suited for making cakes. Yardage is pretty short, most of my yarns are between 12 y and 45 y per 100g, it is transformed into a yarn ball pretty quickly. My hand spun yarn skeins are delivered as twisted skeins.

All my products are washed with natural lavender. This to counteract the strong scent of some fleeces and most importantly act as a natural moth repellant.




Rest of the world

For a best shopping experience all international orders (outside Canada and USA) will have a tracking number. That is why the shipping has increased. Exception of Philippines

Orders over 100$ get 15$ OFF shipping 


0-250g 30$

250-500g 42$

500g-1kg 56$

1kg-1.5g 66$

1.5g-2kg 74$

Australia New Zealand
0-250g 34$

250g-500g 47$

500g-1kg 63$

1kg-1.5g 73$

1.5g-2kg 81

After your package is sent to the post office, here approximatly the time it takes to reach you.

 Within Quebec: 1-2 days

Within Canada: 4-7 days

Usa: 5-10 days sometimes longer

Europe: 1 week

Australia New Zealand: 1 week

I go to the post office 1 to twice a week only, since I live in a rural area. 

I mostly use Post Canada for all orders, because it allows you to pick your package easily without appointement at your local post office in case they can't deliver it into your mail box.








and others EU countries 


New Zealand

Philippines no tracking

 Canada: all orders has tracking

USA: Some orders has tracking (depending of the package size).

International: all orders has tracking. No international orders will be sent without tracking number (exception Philippines) shipping is priced accordingly.Shipping is not negociable, I won't send your package with a cheaper method (without tracking). I don't send anything in a letter.

If your order has a tracking number, you will get the link to your shipping confirmation email. You can also check the status of your order by login into your account on the website. You can also opt for receiving text messages.

If your order tracking shows "no information available", it may be too soon to see the information after the shipment or its because there's no tracking.

I never had a lost package in 10 years of online business for the following coutries: Canada, USA, France, UK, Germany, Switzerland. I had a few claims for Australia and New Zealand due the long shipping delay (3 months). I now included tracking for all international orders outside America.

If your package is lost, I will try to send you a replacement. If its not possible, I will refund you. Please note it takes a few days for refunds to appear on your credit card statement.

All international orders are now sent with tracking. All canadian orders are sent with tracking. Usa orders over 100$ are sent with tracking.

Website Site web

All prices are in canadian dollars CAD.
The website  display CAD $ currency. To display your currency,  go to the menu, at the bottom there's an option to choose manually your currency. On a desktop the option is at the top right of the screen.

I do my best to translate everything in english and french, so this website is bilingual. You can select your langage preference into the top bar menu.

Wholesale and boutiques

I do. if you own a yarn store, I would be glad to work something with you. Message me so I could activate your account.


For now on, I no longer accept returns. I provide enough photos and information online, and I’m available to answer any additional info prior purchase. Taking so much photos, editing them so they look as accurate as possible, uploading them, takes a considerable amount of time on top of creating the products. I have been selling online for over 18 years. If you can’t deal with screens calibration differences, and don’t read description and don’t look closely at my photos, maybe its better for you to buy in person. Im sorry but I can’t handle the uncertainty of returns anymore, as well as all the costs involved.