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Ashford’s SKEINER 2 natural Backordered

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This is the Cadillac of yarn management, you will save your arms and shoulders with the winder. Sturdy enough to hold your big skeins of art yarns, plus the pegs are adjustable to make the skein size you want or when you need to adjust it to your washed skein to make balls, ply...

Tensioned and adjustable. Holds or makes skeins from 1-2m (40-78”)

• Make or hold a variety of skein lengths with the adjustable, lock-in pegs.
• Adjustable tension guides to suit a wide range of yarn from fine to bulky art yarns. 
• Smooth, effortless winding on nylon bearings.
• Holds up to 1.5kg (3¼lbs) of yarn.


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