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Mynoush Jumbo Boucle video tutorial

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This is a step by step tutorial on how to spin my Jumbo boucle art yarn. The tutorial is divided into 12 videos between 1 min to 15 min each. It included dyeing.

links for each videos are included in a pdf you can download after purchase. You will receive an email for downloading. If you have issues message me I will send it myself to you.


Bilingual class EN FR. This is my current method for spinning my `jumbo boucle`yarn. This is a simple class straight to the point no frills. This is the current way I am spinning it, there is so many ways to spin it. This includes videos of the dyeing but this is not a tutorial for dyeing a specific colorway neither a dyeing class. Just the basics.


You need to have a base in core spinning to achieve this.

Also, please note that I can add extra videos to this class so if you need further explanations, on technical issues with a wheel for example, please ask I will be happy to help and share my experience with you.

Tutoriel bilingue EN FR. Ceci est ma facon actuelle de filer mon jumbo boucle. Je montre les étapes de creation de ce fil tel que sur les photos sans flafla. Il y a plusieurs facons de filer ce type de fil. Ce tutoriel inclus les videos de teintures, mais ne montre pas un de mes coloris specifiques, ce n'est pas un tutoriel de teinture car ce serait beaucoup trop long. Je montre les bases.


Aussi sachez que je peux ajouter des vidéos supplémentaires a ce cours, ne vous genez donc pas pour demander des explications additionnelles. Je sais que ce fil demande beaucoup d'ajustement techniques sur votre rouet