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Custom Jumbo Boucle - Pick your colors

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Made to Order

Email me if you do something similar in the future please :)

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  • This jumbo boucle will be made to order with the colors you choose. 
  • You can pick up to 5 colors With a minimum of 1
  • If you dont let any note I will arrange the colors as I see they will look the best
  • you can add curly locks for an extra 5$ each skein
  • Select how many100 grams skeins you want of the same colors mix 

in the  note box you can write recommendations or special requests like « can you make it darker » or « can you add Pink (or any color) » and copy paste the link of a yarn I sold

Curly Add on: this is to add curly locks IN the yarn, not a bundle you receive separately (please look at my fibres section for that). If the yarn already includes them you don’t need to add them.

*This yarn is custom made*
*Allow 14 days for production *

100% merino

Ideal for weaving, felting, can also be used in knitting and crochet

*custom yarns are excluded from promo codes but you can use your store credit if you have one

  Please keep in mind that you need to have a certain amount of tolerance for what you have in mind and what I will create with the information you give me. Same for duplicates of previous colors I made, I am a human and there will be a difference between the original and yours. Also note that the locks add-on means locks IN the yarn not a bundle that comes separately.